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Maritime Museum - Can Garriga

Maritime Museum - Can Garriga

Located on the waterfront promenade, Can Garriga is one of the most important ‘Indiano’ houses in Lloret de Mar.

Prepare yourself for a journey. When walking through the museum’s various rooms, you’ll discover the history of our town, transporting you back to the time when ships were built on Lloret’s beach and when sailors and their captains set sail for the Americas to trade in coffee, tobacco and cotton.

Each room will explain a piece of Lloret’s history using sensory and visual experiences, bringing distant eras back to life through fun and educational methods.

Twenty-two years after leaving for the Americas, Enric Garriga managed to return to Lloret de Mar in 1887 with a considerable fortune and decided to commission the construction of this beautiful house for his wife and seven children. The house remained in the family until 1981, when the Town Council acquired it. After a period of restoration, in 2007, it became the town’s Maritime Museum. Original ceilings, walls, furniture and flooring from the 19th century have been conserved on the ground floor.

During Lloret’s beginnings, its inhabitants lived off the land. Nevertheless, the sea’s proximity allowed the town to tap into fishing as a resource and incentivise this activity, making it a source of income for the majority of families. From that moment onwards, more and more people made their livelihoods from fishing and, later on, from cabotage and overseas trading.

At the Maritime Museum, you’ll discover the dangers of the seafaring era, see replicas of ships and understand the voyages undertaken in the name of trade, both before and after the introduction of free trade in 1778.